Deportation Appeal

Khalid faced deportation. The Immigration Rules provided for “automatic” deportation following his conviction for a drugs offence committed five years ago.

Only Human Rights Law could save him and in his case family life was substantial.

His wife had given birth to a child while he was in prison. The child had now bonded with him since his release two years ago. Moreover, a second son had now been born to the couple.

Although looking for work, he spent the daytime caring for both their children, so that his wife could attend her university course.

Khalid was technically Ugandan because his parents came from there. But he had been born and brought up in his early life in Saudi Arabia where his father worked. Thereafter the family soon moved to the UK where he has lived ever since.

The Home Office said that he could adapt to Ugandan life; his British wife and children could maintain contact through “modern methods of communication”.

Two judges of the First-Tier Tribunal heard the case, weighing the obvious family life against the serious nature of the offence. Human Rights prevailed.