Immigration Categories

We cover all areas of Home Office and Entry Clearance applications, both within and outside the Points Based System. For those in business we work for entrepreneurs, investors and business representatives. We also advise employers as Tier Two sponsors. We serve students and those proceeding to employment, and we advise organisations operating schemes covered by Tier Five.

Amnesty Schemes

In the past we have seen:

  • The Regularisation of Overstayers Scheme
  • The Family one-off Leave to Remain exercise
  • Legacy cases

Nowadays we act for similar clients applying for Discretionary Leave outside the Rules.


Our Asylum work starts with the personal background of the individual who consults us. Frequently a political past has to be analysed before a substantive Home Office interview can take place.

We have challenged and defeated the government in cases where they have used powers to stop Asylum claims by means of “certification” – for instance Article 1F of the Geneva Convention.

Domestic Servants

Families can be severely disrupted if a domestic servant is refused Leave to Enter.   The possible remedy is Administrative Review, which we undertake.

Employers and Employees

We obtain and expand Sponsorship status so that employers can engage their key foreign staff. 

We also act for employees seeking Leave to Remain under the Skilled Worker Route.  This has replaced the former Tier-2, as the effects of Brexit become apparent.  It is no longer necessary for employers to conduct a Resident Labour Market Test to show that they cannot fill a position domestically.  Further, the required minimum skill level is reduced from a university gratudate to a school leaver.


Although the category is now closed for people starting on this route, we act for those seeking to extend their status within the route, or for settlement at the end of it.


We advise on the European Settlement Scheme and other means of achieving Permanent Residence.  The European Settlement Scheme is not necessarily the quickest route to British nationality.

We keep closely aware of the developments with Brexit and the anxieties that they are causing.

For non-EU nationals, we apply for status as family members, extended family members, and the Surinder Singh Route.

Refusals, for example over the genuineness of a marriage or the exercise of Treaty Rights, are taken to appeal.

Family applications

Marriages: – in-country and Entry Clearance applications.

Adult Dependant Relatives: – where care in their home countries is unavailable.

Family re-unification: – applications from under 18-year olds.

Human Rights Law

European Human Rights Law can affect every aspect of our work, particularly those with immigration difficulties. It is fast changing and complex. We bring such cases to Appeal at all levels of the Asylum and Immigration Chamber, and to Judicial Review in the High Court.

Innovators and Start-ups

Thisi is a new category requiring an innovative business idea that creates substantial employment.  An approved sponsor is necessary.


We have acted for investors and their families over several years, arranging the presentation of their assets, and a smooth progression through the application stages of this route.  Many clients require the fastest available Home Office application services, with which we are familiar.


We make many applications to establish British Nationality by registration for British Overseas Citizens. Family histories need to be analysed and applied to the historical developments of British Nationality Law. Richard Timmis has long associations in East Africa where he is well known for this work.

We also act on difficult Naturalisation applications, for instance where good character has been put in doubt.


We act for many people whose immigration status has expired, where Human Rights Law has to be used. Some have made innocent slips, some get stranded by circumstances that are out of their control; others have long histories where roots in this country are put down over several years.

Sole Business Representatives

This route is available to people who have an established business abroad which can be expanded into the UK.  It is an older part of the Immigration Rules which has now assumed more importance with the closure of the Entrepreneur category.



Tier-5 embraces charity workers and several government schemes for temporary migration.  We advise an “over-arching body” that monitors such an operation for the Home Office. 


Visitor applications are still decided at the Entry Clearance post where they are made.  They can require careful preparation.

Visitor Refusals frequently call for immediate attention and legal advice, which we provide.