Our Fees

THE HOURLY RATE charged for the work of Richard Timmis is £250 plus VAT at 20%(if applicable).

This is the normal basis of charging, but it could be increased, after prior notice, for factors such as urgency, unsociable hours, or particular expertise.


In all the following areas of work the price (excluding VAT) covers:-

  • Considering documents that are normal to the submission of the specified Home Office application.
  • Seeing the client to take instructions and give advice.
  • Preparing and submitting the application.
  • Advising on the outcome.

The time taken for these tasks varies, case by case, with the necessary work involved. Sufficient and well prepared evidence at an early stage tends to minimise the fees within the price ranges that are given.

Conversely, each type of application can throw up its own common problems. Examples are given that can cause fees to rise within the normal range.


These applications (for naturalisation or registration) usually cost in the region of £1,200 to £2,500. Cases involving a previous criminal conviction, or breaches of Immigration rules in the last ten years, cause fees to rise within that range. Some clients have disabilities that make the tests for Language and Life in the UK impossible; the Home Office can put them to high standards of proof of the disability.

EUSS APPLICATIONS for establishing:

  • The fact of residence in the UK..
  • The rights of family and extended family members.
  • Permanent Residence.

These applications cost in the region of 1,000 to £3,000. Factors raising fees within this range can include:-

  • Showing a “Retained Right of Residence” after a divorce, where supporting evidence from a separated spouse is necessary.
  • Students without Health Insurance in their past.
  • Self-employed people with little evidence of their trade.


The many types of applications that can be made within the Immigration Rules form a price range from £1,000 to £5,000. More precise costs estimates have to be made after the clients’ first approach. They include:-

  • Entry Clearance applications for family settlement, or for visitors. For many of these it is important to include the aspects of Human Rights Law particular to the individual case. Appeal rights can depend on this.
  • Investors, Entrepreneurs and sponsored employees.

A sponsored worker with a sound immigration history will come towards the lower end of that range; while an Entrepreneur application, with a history that is more difficult, can be towards the higher end.


Reconsiderations, Administrative Reviews, Appeals to the First-Tier Tribunal, and Judicial Reviews in the Upper Tribunal all attract separate fees that can only be estimated when a Home Office Refusal has been made, and then analysed.


Disbursements are payments made to third parties by The Immigration Law Practice on behalf of the client. They are not fees earned by The Immigration Law Practice. They include payments to barristers, (normally £500 to £1,000, with VAT at 20% if applicable) for a Tribunal hearing, professional interpreters and translators (around £100 with VAT at 20% of applicable, per hour), and to the Court (initially £154, no VAT). Fees paid to the Home Office do not attract VAT; these are usually paid directly by the client. They can be found on the UKVI website under “Visa Fees”.


The Home Office publish time scales for Entry Clearance applications on the UKVI website - “Visa Processing Times”. Other application time scales vary; they change depending on where the Home Office happen to be concentrating their staff resources. We advise on these time scales from recent experience efore applications are made.

We make our applications promptly once our instructions are complete.