Sponsorship Licence Application

We act for an investment company that places its clients’ money around the world into spots of high economic growth.  They wanted to recruit a speaker of Chinese and another ASEAN language capable of checking out opportunities in the Far East to which equity investment could be introduced.

In fact, they had already identified somebody before seeking legal help.  From an advertisement of their own, a promising man in a large accountancy firm had already caught their eye.  But at that stage they had no Sponsorship Licence that would enable them to employ someone from outside the European Union.

The Licence application required a fresh advertisement in a form prescribed for the Resident Labour Market Test.  Responses to it had to be carefully recorded and addressed.  

While that took place the company needed briefing on the continuing duties of a Sponsorship Licence holder.  It is a role akin to a government appointed policeman; failure to carry it out properly can easily result in the withdrawal of the Licence and the immediate loss of all the employees engaged under it.

The company then decided on the individual to carry out these responsibilities and prepared the necessary information about the business - its hierarchy, finances, premises, etc. - to go in with the Licence application.

It came back with a licence granted and a Certificate of Sponsorship that could be assigned to the desired candidate.

Once the company had been guided through the assignment process, the employee applied for a new Tier-2 immigration status giving him Leave to Remain for the next three years.