A Turkish Client Seeks Access To His Children

Suleiman is a Turkish businessman who married his British wife ten years ago.  They lived in Turkey where their children were born.  But after four years they separated, the children going with their mother as she returned to England.

For the next three years the children came out to their father at holiday times, but then disagreements caused that to stop.  If Suleiman was now going to see his children he would have to come here to restore the relationship.  

He had no trouble entering the UK on his Multiple Visitor visa, but the six months granted to him were not enough to obtain access and overcome the family conditions that now prevailed. 

He had tried mediation unsuccessfully, so he started proceedings in the Family Court.  But that caused the Home Office to learn about him.  Two months later he was arrested, detained, and served with Removal Directions for the following week.

As a Turkish citizen with a business that could be worked here, he could apply for immigration status under the Ankara Agreement, even though he had overstayed.  That would enable him to remain here, and co-operate with the investigations of the Family Court.

The Home Office, however, wanted his immediate removal and vigorously opposed bail.  But on the day of the Bail hearing Judicial Review proceedings were issued in the Upper Tribunal where the Judge granted an injunction to stop the removal.  That caused the Bail Judge to grant Suleiman his liberty so that the restoration of his relationship with his children could be pursued.